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The Deason Center’s Greening the Desert publication brings a criminal justice lens to the phenomenon of legal deserts in STAR communities—vast areas with few, if any, practicing attorneys. The publication explores STAR criminal justice communities and describes strategies and initiatives to green these criminal law deserts.

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Is COVID-19 the new Katrina?
Deason Center’s Professor Metzger and the ACLU of LA expressed grave concerns about an executive order that would suspend legal deadlines for district attorneys to file charges against those held in jail. Read their letter to the governor and the LA Supreme Court.

UNDEREXAMINED AND OVERLOOKED  “I’d been to rural jurisdictions and worked in a rural prison. But rural justice challenges seemed like brutal realities, not policy-driven injustices. One day in rural Louisiana, I learned that I was wrong,” writes law professor Pamela Metzger. – American Bar Association Journal

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