Troy Rhodes

TROY’S STORY In 2003, a non-unanimous Louisiana jury voted, 10-2, to convict Troy Rhodes of armed robbery and attempted second-degree murder. With an overworked and underpaid public defender, Troy didn’t stand a chance. Then, a federal judge appointed our Director, Pamela Metzger, to the case…


UNDEREXAMINED AND OVERLOOKED  “I’d been to rural jurisdictions and worked in a rural prison. But rural justice challenges seemed like brutal realities, not policy-driven injustices. One day in rural Louisiana, I learned that I was wrong,” writes law professor Pamela Metzger. – American Bar Association Journal

Rural Criminal Justice Summit visual notes

RURAL CRIMINAL JUSTICE America’s rural communities have yet to find their place in the national conversation about criminal justice reform. As a thought leader in the rural criminal justice arena, the Deason Center is building infrastructure to support data-driven, community-informed criminal justice systems…

Pam Metzger
Rural Criminal Justice Summit visual notes

The Deason Center brings a stats and stories approach to criminal justice reform. The Stats: We collect, analyze, and assess the hard data that drive smart, sane, and sensible criminal justice reform. The Stories: We uncover, recount, and amplify the stories of people who live, work, and struggle in our criminal justice system. Together, our Stats and Stories make a compelling case for compassionate criminal justice reform.  Individual stories.  Institutional solutions.