Covid-19 Criminal Justice Response by Jurisdiction

Covid-19 Criminal Justice System Responses by State & Jurisdiction

From county jails and prosecutors’ offices to county courts and supervision services, our criminal justice systems are profoundly local. While state actors control some aspects of criminal justice, local officials exercise tremendous authority over system operations and enjoy broad discretion to interpret statewide policies. The Deason Center’s Pandemic Policy Project works with volunteers across the country to track local criminal legal responses to Covid-19. The resulting database will help experts make best practice recommendations for future system-disrupting crises. The data will also be a resource for justice-involved individuals and will help the press hold public officials accountable. Sample data sets are available for download on this page.

To improve access and data navigability, the Deason Center will build an online, interactive policy map with downloadable copies of local pandemic responses. The Pandemic Policy map will allow researchers, criminal justice stakeholders, and ordinary people to locate county-level pandemic policies and identify pandemic policy trends.

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