Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, the Deason Center will continue to defend due process and the rule of law. As policymakers across the nation implement strong public health measures, we must continue to protect the fundamental rights enshrined in our Constitution.

We are calling on you to act now

The Deason Center is compiling information about how criminal legal systems are responding to the Covid-19 outbreak. Together, we can track and improve our national criminal legal response to Covid-19. If you are aware of changes in criminal law policy or practice in your community, or anywhere across the country, please share that information with us.

Your actions make a difference

Responses will be collected, analyzed, and posted in public documents that are updated regularly. Additionally, the Deason Center will identify emerging trends and highlight best practices. This will empower partners and allies in our national criminal justice reform network to share critical information and to hold our criminal legal systems accountable for sane, safe, and compassionate responses to Covid-19.

Criminal Justice Responses to COVID-19
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