Rural Criminal Justice Summit visual notes

America’s STAR communities have yet to find their place in the national conversation about criminal justice reform. As a thought leader in the STAR criminal justice field, the Deason Center is building infrastructure to support data-driven, community-informed criminal justice systems in America’s small, tribal, and rural communities.

Confronting criminal justice problems with unique challenges, these communities need creative, data-based solutions. Addressing these problems requires research and reform tailored to particular institutional, structural, and demographic characteristics of STAR criminal justice systems. Our comprehensive STAR Justice Campaign is committed to advocacy, research, and education efforts for stakeholders within these communities and in the criminal justice community more broadly.

The Deason Center’s annual STAR Criminal Justice Summit gathers stakeholders from every part of the criminal justice system and connects them with researchers and non-profit organizations. Working together, they share their experiences, discuss solutions, and collaborate on what real STAR criminal justice reform looks like and how to implement it.

Through our STAR Criminal Justice Coalition, the Deason Center is establishing a network of STAR practitioners and stakeholders across the country, creating connections through a remote practice community. Further, we produce an online STAR Resource Guide as a rich source of information about STAR justice research and innovation for stakeholders, policymakers, and the public.